Here you find an overview of our materials.


Question bank

You can use the question bank as the foundation of your impact measurement. The template can be used as a ready-made questionnaire, which you can customise with a few simple steps.



Would you rather use something else than a questionnaire? Or would you like to measure more than just “the basics?” The toolbox gives you an overview of the possibilities. Here you will find a range of measuring options, including for example a post-it wall, postcard and snapshot interview.


Decision tree

Having difficulty choosing? Try our decision tree. Answer a few short questions and the decision tree will show you which methods of measuring would be good options for your project.


Analysis & reporting manual

This manual explains step-by-step how to analyze the data collected from an impact measurement. We discuss the analysis of both quantitative and qualitative data, explain how to draw conclusions from your results and how you can then convert those results into improvement goals.


Worksheet Impactplan

You can use this worksheet to compose the first draft of your measuring plan. The exercises in the worksheet will challenge you to think about what you want to measure, who your target group is and whether your measurement could be influenced by certain characteristics of your activity or audience.